Workforce Development 101 Workshop Series

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“Creating Paths to Employment for Youth” 

This 10-week virtual workshop series is designed to equip first-generation students with strategies to identify their passion, recognize their gifts, and learn how to use their talents to navigate the workplace and suceed in their career trajectory. 

Participants will grow their skills and develop career competencies necessary for getting and keeping a job! 
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College Awareness/Career Exploration

This course will be covering all details of higher education, including 4 year universities, community colleges, trade schools, and career technical training. Career exploration and development is an ongoing process, as you finish college and start exploring what your talents and gifts are, it will help you lead to your purpose-driven career.

Workforce Development 101

This is a 8 module career exploration program that helps students leadership skills, branding, self awareness, careerexploration, entrepreneurial spirit, resume building and the value of networking.

Leadership & Empowerment “Dreams Begin with You”

These five modules will offer you the opportunity to expand your leadership potential and develop skills for life, such as, planning, goal setting, problem-solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication, all necessary to design and live your ultimate life.