Contact Info
Prasadam Uzcategui
Vice-President / CEO

Prasadam Uzcategui is originally from Venezuela but has called Fresno, California her home for the past 12 years. Ms. Uzcategui graduated with an Associates Degree in Graphic Communication and holds a certificate as a Web and Graphic Designer from IOT. Ms. Uzcategui also holds various IBM data science certificates. Prasadam has been a socially conscious business owner for the last eight years, prioritizing work that furthers the community of Fresno. 

Ms. Uzcategui started her journey as a bilingual teaching assistant for Fresno Unified School District. In this role she became determined to help and make the transition into the community easier for ESL & Migrant students. While attending college, Prasadam devoted her time to  training and empowering at risk youth and former incarcerated individuals under the POPS program facilitated by M.A.D Illustrators under Fresno EOC.

Prasadam has a strong sense of devotion in serving nonprofits and the community, she has helped make valuable contributions to Fresno County throughout the years. She is involved with VETnet Fresno, Fresno Career Development Institute, Fresno Street Saints, M.A.D Illustrators, The Community Center for the Arts and Technology, West Fresno Family Resource Center just to name a few. 

Ms. Uzcategui is passionate about serving marginalized populations as it hits close to home for her. She is currently attending WGU, completing a Bachelor’s in Marketing Management.

Ms. Prasadam Uzcategui feels as though her experiences have given her a deeper appreciation of empowering individuals through storytelling. She knows that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi