Contact Info
Emily Rivas
Community Outreach Specialist/Family Advocate

Emily Rivas is a first generation college graduate with a B.A. in History and a soon-to-be M.A. in History. Ms. Rivas’ work focuses on political educational history that affects Latin American immigrants and first generation students. Ms. Rivas’ is a hard working advocate working toward equitable spaces available to students and families. 

Ms. Rivas has over 4 years experience in advocacy and outreach work throughout Fresno County. Although Ms. Rivas is not originally from Fresno, she has worked tirelessly for the communities that mirror her own childhood community. Ms. Rivas plans to expand her advocacy work in partnership with United We Lead Foundation by working on educational equity and civic engagement alongside members of the Fresno County community. 

Emily is the child of a Salvadoran immigrant and granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, priding herself on her access to education and ability to jumpstart advocacy among minority groups. Ms. Rivas looks forward to expanding and adding to the amazing work being completed by United We Lead Foundation. 



Emily’s favorite quote: “Pay me in equity” - Beyonce