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Diana Bustillos

Diana was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. After completing her college degree in Ciudad Juarez, she moved to the state of Colorado to learn English eventually falling in love with the state and making it her new home. In 2015 Ms. Bustillos started working as a Project Manager for the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Bustillos enjoys every opportunity to serve the hispanic community by creating events and programs that benefit them. In 2017 Ms. Bustillos furthered her leadership abilities by joining the Aspiring Leaders Program, strengthening her leadership skills and giving her a new perspective on the importance of communication and education in order to ensure a better future for her community. 

In 2020 Ms. Bustillos put her skills into action by creating a Spanish language podcast called “Sexto Sentido”. Ms. Bustillos began the podcast based on her passion for creating strong relationships with members of her community. Her podcast is dedicated mainly to women advocates, giving them the opportunity to discuss topics that inform, serve, and empower their audible audience.