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UWLF E-Learning Mission

United We Lead Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization focusing on empowering and educating low-income, first-generation youth. In a swift response to social distancing measures, UWLF launched its first digital summer programming series in June 2020.

The building and execution of the curriculum is one of the most essential parts of UWLF’s partnership with other educational entities.

Provide informational resources and support services for students enrolled in online courses

Identify and address instructor and student needs in teaching and learning online

Encourage and support the use of the E-learning platform and other technologies, in online learning environments

Encourage the sharing of effective technology-enhanced teaching and learning practices among instructors

Evaluate periodically and comprehensively every facet of the E-Learning program and use these results to restructure and improve the program.

Academic Tools & Guidance

E-learning Courses

Web-Enhanced Courses

E-Learning classes are offered with all work being completed using electronic technologies. Learners access primary content and instruction from an e-learning environment using a variety of tools including, but not limited to, e-learning platform, video conferencing, e-mail, discussion boards, web pages, and other multimedia technologies.

Web-enhanced classes are live virtual conferencing that will be offered via zoom as often as requested by Educational Entity to expand student learning beyond the boundaries of the e-learning platform.

spring & Summer 2024 Educational Services