Math + Innovation Virtual STEM Academy

The Math & Innovation STEM Academy is a Saturday fun and engaging Project-Based Learning Academy focusing on math skills such as problem-solving, real-world math problems, and 21st- century skills that help migrant students be college and career- ready!
5th -10th grade
Now Enrolling Summer 2024

About The program

The Math & Innovation STEM Academy will provide students services in:

Summer Cohort


Math Support with Integrated ELD Support

Provide Math support with Integrated ELD through asynchronous and synchronous learning as well as 1:1 academic guidance throughout the duration of the Academy.

Live Virtual Instruction

Engaging live small & large group sessions aimed at helping students develop math skills. Classes will focus on inquiry-based strategies and real-world situations.

Instructional Strategies

Sessions will include instructional strategies to further develop student learning such as modeling, scaffolding, high order thinking questions, manipulatives, and math games!

Pre & Post Assessments

Students will receive a pre and post- assessment to gauge academic gaps, needs, and overall progress.

Our Summer Academy


Strategy 2.0 - Supplemental Math Services

Parent & Family Engagement

Strategy 12.0; 12.1

Integrated ELD

Strategy 3.0; 3.1 - ELD support

Student Engagement

Strategy 13.0; 13.1; 13.2

Program Materials & Supplies

A backpack with school supplies