UWLF Literacy workshops are highly structured, purposeful and well planned; they allow students to take initiative, create work, and learn in ways that are meaningful.

Our Literacy Workshop Series employ the Reading and Writing Workshop approach because they aligned with the UWLF core beliefs about teaching and learning. The workshop model provides authentic experiences; complex learning, and a flexible curriculum. The environment engages students to the real work and problem solving of readers and writers. This approach is founded upon the belief that students must be actively involved in and reflecting upon their learning.

Each Literacy Workshop meets the needs of individual readers and writers. While the workshop model is highly predictable and structured, it is also accommodating to the individual needs and strengths of students across a wide range of levels.

Workshops are designed to offer various topics, genres, authors and text formats that connect students to the real world. Our enthusiastic Workshop Facilitators will choose the components and method most appropriate to the needs of their specific group of students.

Activities Include:

  • Read and discuss a variety of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.
  • Use a variety of graphic organizers to understand the organization of texts and writing.
  • Identify the genre and text structure of texts encountered during Reading and Writing Workshop.
  • Provide evidence from the text to support thinking while writing about or discussing a text.
  • Write frequently with opportunities to write to given prompts and topics of student’s choice.
  • Revise and edit student work.