JOB READINESS – The Art for Life Apprenticeship program.

The art for life is a T-shirt printing and awareness program for out of school youth.

This 10-week training program consists of four components: 

• Business knowledge and management:  Youth will be trained on how to how to run a screen printing business, from creating a business name, getting a business license, renting a building, writing checks, creating invoices and balancing expenses and inventory. 

 • Community awareness – Make the participants aware of the problems and needs in their community as in this program they will  become a socially conscious business owner in the heart of  Downtown Fresno. 

• Design & Graphics – Participants will get trained on simple graphic design concepts: including logo creation, business cards design, color theory, bitmaps vs vectors, and how to use several industry standard programs as Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Draw. 

• Work Ethics & production. Hands on learning; participants will learn how  to use a Screen printing Press, Roland Wide format printers, Embroidery and more. With all these concepts together participants will be able to create their own products for their business as well as create posters for awareness pieces that would be showcase in a final presentation.  

 Each segment will be incorporated using briefs, lectures and project-based training to give participants an adequate knowledge of life skills, business management, and computer graphics through t-shirt production.

Participants will help develop concepts for posters and t-shirts that will depict positive images and powerful messages to proudly displayed and/or wear in their communities, schools, and/or neighborhoods.