A 10-week program designed to expose individuals to the power of civic engagement and democracy.  Individuals will learn to understand the importance of community involvement, engaging in processes, taking leadership roles, becoming involved, advocating for issues/causes important to them, and finding resources.

The purpose is to ensure that individuals understand the importance of getting involved in the democracy within their own communities.  By engaging in the process, they will understand how decisions are made and the impact that decisions, laws, policies and statutes have in their daily lives. 

Program Design: Workshop Series

  • Workshop 1: What is civic engagement?
  • Workshop 2: Defining Community
  • Workshop 3: Overview of local, state and federal governments
  • Workshop 4: Advocacy & Community Empowerment
  • Workshop 5: Connecting to the Past
  • Workshop 6: Our civic responsibility
  • Workshop 7: Finding our individual and collective voices
  • Workshop 8: Participation in local, state and National governments through public policy
  • Workshop 9: Taking action
  • Workshop 10: Civic Engagement Project