About us

United We Lead Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization focusing on empowering and educating low-income, first generation youth.

United We Lead Foundation

The UWLF is a Social-Mission Driven Organization that has created a diverse network of professionals and leaders, including educators, advocates, innovators, and community members to ensure disadvantaged low-income students have an equal opportunity to learn, thrive, influence, and lead.

United We Lead Foundation Believes that:


Students will have access to personalized, high-quality instructional opportunities that address their linguistic and academic needs.


UWLF will collaborate with educational entities, families, and community partners to address student needs, enhance student success, and drive high-impact social change.


UWLF is committed to constant student learning and achievement through effectiveness, measurable
outcomes and continuous program improvement (accountability – measuring performance)


UWLF will cultivate a safe and supportive learning environment where personnel and students learn to embrace, honor and respect diversity.

UWLF E-Learning Goals

UWLF’s E-Learning goal is to expand access to education opportunities for underserved students and other community members through electronically offered classes. Distance learning and online teaching technology will be used to provide relevant and timely coursework, information, and training to enhance the learning experience by removing the barriers of both time and place.




UWLF E-Learning Mission

 The mission of the E-Learning Department at UWLF is to provide quality instruction through electronic-based supplemental courses to enable students to attain their educational goals. The E-Learning department is committed to student success by supporting efforts to ensure that quality online education and support services are available to learners through a variety of technology resources. The department will extend the offerings of e-courses to the community and beyond through E-Learning.


Our strategic partners are critical to the success of the United We Lead foundation. This support ensures that in 2021 our programs will continue to be able to provide educational experiences for hundreds of children and adults annually.